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Locksmith Midtown Manhattan family owned and operated company We provide all of your locksmith needs. We specialize in all types of services from Emergency, Automotive, Commercial, and Residential. We are experts in all services include installations and repair of any locks, Keys or safes. We emphasize customer service above all and With our highly trained team of professionals available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we handle all types of emergency calls whether if it’s for your home, office or auto. We handle all locks and keys issues and problems with the state of the art products and services at competitive prices.
Locksmith Midtown Manhattan NYC


First line of defense against burglary is at your front door or gate.

If you can foil burglars at that point with high quality pick proof locks, interlocking plates, kick plates and many other security products they will search for easier prey.

Avoid the terrible feeling, hassle and big lost of the things you care the most!

Call Locksmith Midtown Manhattan to guide you with better security solutions for your home doors, windows and entrance gates (646) 777-1491.


Our locksmiths have been doing commercial locksmith services for large facilities, and have experience with everything from a basic lock to high security master key systems. From fresh installs to updating old hardware our technicians can get you taken care of quickly and efficiently. We can typically have one of our professional locksmith technicians at Locksmith Midtown Manhattan out to your location and have them take a look at the issue you are having within half an hour. We can also schedule a time that works best for you and your business.

We do lockout services for doors, cash drawers, and safes. We can also rekey or upgrade your locks, install privacy locks, and even get you setup with magnet locks. Our vans stock entry function, classroom function, and storeroom function levers. If you are interested in access control we do that to! Cloud based and stand alone access control systems are more affordable than ever! There are more competitors manufacturing access control systems driving the cost of hardware down!


Issues with your car lock can also be handled successfully by our automotive locksmiths. If you’ve got locked keys in car in the middle of a busy day (when you need to pick your child up from school or are late for a business meeting) or night; if you lost or broke your transponder and desperately need a new one right now; if you’ve even got locked keys in trunk – do not worry, we are here to help you out. call our Locksmith Chelsea now for free estimate (646) 777-1491.

Our specialists at Locksmith Midtown Manhattan are always ready to help you out. We provide the best automotive locksmith services out there! call our Locksmith Midtown Manhattan now for free estimate (646) 777-1491

since you can get locked out of your car very easily, we are the ones to open car door for you as easily. We are quick and dependable, so there won’t be any worries about your property – it will be perfectly safeguarded.
these little pieces of technology are satisfying to use, but can also easily break, and you can lose them. In both cases, our technicians are here to reprogram or replace your transponder keys.

Do you need locksmith services from the affordable, yet licensed and insured locksmiths? We are quick, cost-effective and at your service 24/7. Call now (646) 777-1491!


Nobody can know when they are going to need the services and skills of a locksmith. Locks and keys help us keep our loved ones out of harm. Without them, our lives would be very difficult to manage. How many times a day do you need locks and keys? And now think of how often a lock jams or a key fails – hardly ever.

We pride ourselves on our really fast service in emergency situations and the fact that we do not charge a call out fee. You pay for work done and materials supplied. We don’t charge you for our driving time or any other hidden items. Locksmith Midtown Manhattan is your local locksmith, owned and operated by professional locksmiths in the region. We are emergency Locksmith Midtown Manhattan who works around the clock, seven days a week. If you are locked out of your home, or from your car, we are here and we are highly specialized in commercial and domestic security. Our locksmiths can visit directly to your business site or outside the business hours if they offer an emergency call out service.

We will be able to secure any property or repair or replace any broken locks. If you are in a search of security advice for the future, like as installing a security lock, upgrading your locks, in order to avoid burglary: contact us today.

Being Midtown Manhattan trusted local locksmith, we offer services for the city and all surrounding. Whether you are in need of re- key or for other security features for your business, we are here to offer the best service possible. With more years of experience, we know which is the right option for you and will always recommend only the best choice for you and your home to keep all your precious things safe and secure. Feel free to contact us to know more about our services (646) 777-1491.

Locksmith Midtown Manhattan in NYC
automotive locksmith Midtown Manhattan


Our Midtown Manhattan Locksmiths also specialize in programming transponder keys for your vehicle. This type of key has the ability to lock and unlock doors using a radio signal, and it can be programmed to do other things as well. Transponder keys have become very common and are becoming more advanced with each passing day.

Car Key Replacement Midtown Manhattan is a 24 hour locksmith service. Contact us around the clock with any automotive issue that requires the involvement of a professional locksmith, especially lost car keys. We will arrive at your location within half an hour of your call to our dispatchers and provide fast and efficient service (646) 777-1491. Car Locksmith absolutely guarantees first class service quality as well as 100% customer satisfaction.

Car Locksmith Services Include::

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Simba Locksmith NYC offers a complete range of commercial, residential, and real estate locksmith services. We also provide safe combination changes and emergency lockout services for your home or commercial property. Our fully equipped locksmith van is available 7 days a week in all areas of NYC and the surrounding area.
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